UNIS Software


  • Real time Monitoring
    - Terminals use Push Technology
    - Pop up Pictures
    - Real Time User Picture Display
  • Time Zones
    - Up to 12 transaction bands (start and end times) for each day
    - Access Times – Custom Access Areas
    - Define Access Groups
  • Anti-Pass Back
    - Admin Authority Management
    - Records Transaction and Ecents
  • Automatic Email System Alarms
    - Matching Fail
    - Lock Error
    - Terminal Disconnected
    - Emergency State
    - Terminal Toemper
    - External Sensor
    - Door Forced
    - Backlisted User Attempted Authentication
    - Tail Gate Alarm
  • Message Broadcast Facility
    - Send custom message to individual employees (i.e Happy Birthday, Meeting notofication, Report to Clinic etc)
  • Blacklist User Management
    - Transfer "Unwanted" Users to the Blacklist
    - Real-Time alarm & email in the even a Blacklist User transacts or is enrolled
    - Report on Blacklisted User Transactions
  • Displays Real-Time Alerts on User Defined Site Diagrams
    - Search Event Log
    - Set Terminal Position
    - Set Drawing Position
    - Real time monitoring
    - Event Log notification
  • Admin Authority Management
    - Define what function/s Each "User" with Admin right perform
  • Smart Card Layout
    - Set up card type and card capacity
    - Issue smart card
    - TOC (Template On Card) feature
  • Wiegand Setting
    - Standard 26bit, 34bit Wiegand Protocols as well as user defined Setting can be Configured for both the IN & Out Wiegand Ports on the Terminals
  • Logging
    - Access Log
    - Search Event Log
    - Server Audit Log
    - Search Temporary record
    - Terminal Audit Log
    - Search Terminal command
    - Admin Login Audit

UNIS Software

Short Description
  • Sophisticated device & template management application with powerful Access Control functionality and optional T&A and Meal Management modules.
  • Access Control / T&A / Meal Management Server

Server Edition

Mobile Edition