• Citect SCADA 2018 Configuration Training for you to attend!


    4 interesting date of Citect SCADA 2018 Configuration Training for you to attend!


    Interested in discovering how you can benefit from a new era in engineering efficiency with #citectscada? From operator empowerment, to flexibility and peace of mind. There are a number of ways that #citectscada can helps streamline your operation more than ever before, while fast tracking your #digitaltransformation and helping take your #efficiency to newfound levels.

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  • Come join the crowd to Witness Elimination of Unplanned Downtime

    Good day to you.

    Come join the crowd to Witness Elimination of Unplanned Downtime :-


    1st Amazing Fact: NO Downtime is so possible by “Always On Technology”!


    Now imagine your business is able to add the most exclusive “9” to achieve 99.999 percent availability. What would that take?


    Every business seeks perfection when it comes to application availability, yet few ever meet it. In fact, most availability solutions deliver 99 percent — which may sound pretty good to most organizations until you realize 99 percent means 87.6 hours of unplanned downtime per year. According to research from the Aberdeen Group,…

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  • Industry4wrd : National Policy on Industry 4.0

    Due to the breadth and depth of the manufacturing industry and its related  services, this document was prepared through consultation with multiple ministries, agencies and industry players. The topics covered are linked to Malaysia’s business and competitive advantages and the drivers, potential disruptors  and technology developments in the manufacturing industry and its related services.


    To find out more kindly find here:


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    DATE : 24 JANUARY 2019


    TIME : 11.00 AM KL/SG 


    You’re invited to attend FREE CITECT SCADA 2018  WEBINAR. This will be held on 24th January 2019 , Thursday at 11: 00 AM KL/SG time. This webinar is proudly presented by Brad Shaw, Citect Product Manager AVEVA who will cover the new features in CITECT SCADA 2018 as well as providing preview of the upcoming April R2 release.

    Join us to learn how Citect SCADA 2018 :

    • Significantly reduces engineering time…
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    • Maximising Efficiency with Citect SCADA




      Benefits from serious efficiency gains with Citect SCADA!

      “How Citect SCADA Empowers Operators and Maximises Efficiency”:

      Latest Citect SCADA is loaded with wealth of inbuilt functionality and innovations that empower operators in order to optimise engineering & operational efficiency. Some latest features include:

      •   Out-of-the-box Situational Awareness libraries and workflows, leveraging Abnormal Situation Management (ASM) design standards
      • Consolidated Workspace for fast development, deployment and contextual navigation, from Level 1 to Level 4 ASM interfaces
      • Alarm Cause and Response enhancements, driving knowledge capture and transfer, as well as laying the foundation for Smart Alarming using analytics and Machine Learning.

      To know more about Citect SCADA kindly…

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    • Get Support Anytime, Anywhere with our Customer FIRST Apps


      Great News to All of you

      Introducing our new and improved AVEVA Customer FIRST Support App ! This app provides access to valuable technical support tools and resources which including

      1. News Updates
      2. Support Case Management
      3. Product Knowledge Search
      4. Receive push notifications in real time for products alerts

      Customer FIRST Benefits App

      Stay updated with new software upgrades and releases, upcoming events, training sessions, technical tips and tricks, and more using the Customer FIRST Benefits App on your smartphone or tablet device.

      Access Customer FIRST Benefits App

      What are you waiting for ? Download now for free today.

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    • SYSTEM PLATFORM 2017 Update


      System Platform 2017 native visualization, InTouch OMI provides:

      - New paradigm to building industrial application similar to modern websites using content management system (CMS)
      - Graphical content is abstracted from the application project, which separates the look of the UI from the content and behaviour
      - Enables user with even limited technical expertise, to add, modify and remove content without burdening the System Admin or HMI Buider


      - Drastically increases engineering efficiency
      - Foster improved life cycle maintenance


      Watch CTI resources Youtube for more info:  

      30 Ways Operations Management…

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    • It was great to meet you at IRGCE 2018



      It is our pleasure to have you last week. With this opportunity we would like to thank you for giving us your valuable time by attending our booth at KLCC. Our team appreciates your time, effort and enthusiastic support towards CTI Resources.

      If you’re interested in any of our products or services you saw while exploring our booth, please feel free to contact our team today or anytime in the future. We are ready and eager to assist you!

      Once again Thank you and We look forward to a continued relationship with you!
      If you have any inquiries…

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    • Citect Scada 2016

      3 Days Basic Configuration Training

      Let’s join our Basic Configuration Training!

      Contact us now to find more!

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    • Internartional Rubber Glove Conference and Exhibition 2018

      IRGCE 2018

      GOOD NEWS TO YOU!  It is our pleasure to let you know that CTI Resources Sdn Bhd will be participating the IRGCE INTERNATIONAL RUBBER GLOVE CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION. IRGCE 2018 will be held on September 4-6 , 2018 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, KLCC. Come and join us to Embrace Your Digital Transformation with our Connected Enterprise Solution.

      We are focusing on Transforming Technology Driving Innovation. In line with this, we will be sharing integrated technology, software and solutions which might assist you on digitalize your manufacturing plant.

      With  Industrial Big Data Analytics,…

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