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VIRDI – Fingerprint Identification System

VIRDI Fingerprint Identification System (FIS)

has been designed to provide a highly reliable system for data collection, processing, monitoring, and storage and issuing supervisory control commands. This is achieved by using high-tech biometrics technology system herein fingerprint as each fingerprint is unique and individual fingerprint do not change during their life span.

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Why Virdi?

1. Push Technology

  • provide a real time update of transactions
  • terminals will push their transactions to Server as they occur.
2. Live and Fake Fingerprint Detection Technology
  • Protect from various types of Fake Fingerprint

3. Patented Search Algorithm
  • Incredibly fast and accurate template matching
  • 1:N up to 10,000 users in <1s
4. Optical Sensor
  • Very low level distortion and hardened surface, ideal for harsh environments
5. Automatic Finger Scan
  • Scanning process is quick
  • Less power is consumed
6. Registration & Authentication set by User
  • Custom registration and verification levels can be individually adjusted
  • To compensate for difficult to read fingerprints.
7. Transaction Method set by user
  • Can have transaction methods individually assigned i.e. finger only, finger and/or card etc
8. On Board Intelligence
  • Intelligent Terminal process transactions without the presence of a server