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is an open and integrated facilities management solution specifically designed to manage any building environment. It can connect multiple sites and multiple functions.

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CitectFacilities is a tool to help bridge the gap between building automation systems and facilities management systems. This connection helps facility managers to reduce operating costs, thus improving margins while at the same time increasing visibility, control and standardization of their facility.

CitectFacilities will integrate all your facilities’ systems, including HVAC, lighting and access control, across your entire enterprises to help you lower operating costs, improve tenant services and reduce energy consumption.

The integration is achieved by connecting to open protocols, such as BACnet, LONWorks, EIB and OPC, which are favoured within the building automation and facilities management industries.
Citect Facilities PR10325 LRCitect Facilities PR10325 LR

What’s New

CitectFacilities V7Download the latest version to start exploring the new features and benefits in Citect software.
CitectFacilities What's New v7 1.10r1 FinalCitectFacilities What's New v7 1.10r1 Final

Case Studies

Building Automation

  1. Einstein LREinstein LR
  2. Kremlin LRKremlin LR
  3. London LRLondon LR
  4. Mori Towers LRMori Towers LR
  5. Nuremberg LRNuremberg LR

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