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Arctic GPRS & EDGE Routers

Arctic GPRS & EDGE Routers
Overview Expand your Ethernet over wireless networks (GPRS/ EDGE) and integrate your remote locations as a part of your local network with Arctic GPRS Router and Arctic EDGE Router. Secure and two-way communication (static IP addresses) is provided with Viola M2M Gateway (operator independent) or with mobile operator private APN service.
Key Features
  • DIN rail mounting option
  • Robust aluminum casing
  • Serial console
  • Self-diagnostics for wireless communication and for the device itself
  • Mobile operator independent static IP addressing with Viola M2M Gateway
  • Secure communication with internal VPN and firewall
  • Ethernet and GPRS network interfaces in Arctic GPRS Router
  • Ethernet and wireless network (GPRS/EDGE) interfaces in Arctic EDGE Router
Application Examples
  • Credit card verifications, POS, ATM
  • Road signs and weather stations
  • Data loggers, PLCs, RTUs, HMIs
  • Security and surveillance systems
  • Industrial systems with devices utilizing TCP/IP protocols like IEC-104, Modbus TCP and DNP/TCP
  • Connect Ethernet devices to EDGE or GPRS networks
Datasheet Arctic GPRS & EDGE RoutersArctic GPRS & EDGE Routers
Arctic GRPS EDGE Router

Arctic GRPS EDGE Router