Total Biometric Global Solutions with Live & Fake Detection Technology

VIRDI is using No.1 Fingerprint algorithm that received awards from FVC (Fingerprint Verification Competition). It is a Security – Patented with Live and Fake Fingerprint Detection Technology, Access Control Solution and Time & Attendance SolutionThis technology provides advanced control systems for high security and conveniences.  

At CTI Resources Sdn Bhd, we understand our customers’ challenges and provide consultations for our customers’ biometric need. Our in-house engineers are well experienced and cater to any technical; particularly integration with various HR software as well as customization. We are well experienced in customization comprise of Logistic Management, Vendor Management, Workforce Optimization, Staff Force Optimizationand Property Management. We always provide the right solution accordingly to our customers’ challenges, mainly HR and IT Department, from various industries (manufacturing, hospitality, chain storeetc.) 

Due to the ability of VIRDI fingerprint terminals that allows for the identification of global on the server; we have supported a project for almost 600 units VIRDI fingerprint terminals which connect between Singapore and Brunei to enable easy accessibility of time and attendance in regional branches. With the excellent reliability of the systems, it also leads one of our longest-serving customers in the Medical Industry using VIRDI since the series of fingerprint terminals that first launched since 17 years ago.

With the technology, SMEs and corporate do expect to have:  

  1. Effective control of visitors by time and place 
  2. Protection of confidential documents and assets by authority management 
  3. Saving management expenses by computerized automatic system 
  4. Improved internal and external images by an automatic work process 
  5. Increasing work efficiency by integrated management of automated payroll and human resource 

Enhance your Access Control & Total Security Solution now!  

Biometrics Fingerprint Identification System