ALERT ! Incompatibility with Windows 10 April 2018 Update (version 1803)

Dear Customer,

AVEVA Group PLC has identified incompatibility within the Sentinel USB licensing mechanism of Citect SCADA and Vijeo Citect software (all supported versions). After upgrading to the Windows 10 April 2018 Update (version 1803), USB dongle licenses are not being correctly detected, resulting in the run time environment launching in Demo Mode.

They have conveyed the issue on behalf of the impacted customers and are actively working with it on a timely resolution.

The current advice for all Citect SCADA / Vijeo Citect customers is to avoid an upgrade of their Windows 10 Operating System to the April 2018 Update build 1803, until this issue is resolved.

Citect SCADA / Vijeo Citect Windows 10 (1803) and SCADA Licensing

While work is ongoing to formally rectify the incompatibility issue within the Sentinel USB Licensing mechanism, AVEVA Group PLC have validated a work-around that can be implemented by affected customers in the interim. Further information regarding updates/patch to rectify this issue will be published as soon as they are available.

The Citect32.exe program can be configured to run in compatibility mode for Windows 8, which has been validated to resolve this issue for the below product releases:

  1.  Citect SCADA 2016
  2.  Citect SCADA 2016 May 11th 2018 Update
  3.  Citect SCADA 2015 SP1
  4.  Citect SCADA 2015 SP1 Patch 29
  5.  Vijeo Citect 2015 SP1
  6.  Vijeo Citect 2015 SP1 Patch 29

Compatibility Mode is expected to work for all other Updates/ Patch for the above versions, but Schneider Electric have not been able to test every combination. It is only available within the Compatibility tab of the Properties dialog ( see image below) for Citect32.exe. Depending on your configuration, it may be necessary to use the Change settings for all users option at the bottom of the dialog box.

For any questions or concerns regarding the above, please don’t hesitate to contact our  SCADA & MES Support team