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1st Amazing Fact: NO Downtime is so possible by “Always On Technology”!


Now imagine your business is able to add the most exclusive “9” to achieve 99.999 percent availability. What would that take?


Every business seeks perfection when it comes to application availability, yet few ever meet it. In fact, most availability solutions deliver 99 percent — which may sound pretty good to most organizations until you realize 99 percent means 87.6 hours of unplanned downtime per year. According to research from the Aberdeen Group, the average cost of downtime due to data loss can amount to more than $163,000 an hour for companies. Hence, with Stratus Always-On Infrastructure for IIoT combines continuous availability and virtualization through operational and maintenance visibility can results in the availability increasing, the more downtime can be reduced and increasing in system profitability.


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2nd Amazing Fact : Higher Efficiency with Less Resources!


Each year the expectations increase— greater productivity, higher quality, faster changes. While some manufacturers are well into leveraging technology to improve profitability, many are still in the early stages. Nevertheless, most all would like to update their aging, standalone computers, and virtualize their industrial control applications to increase efficiency and reclaim space, but lack the time, resources, or skills to do this.


What would be ideal, is a turnkey computing platform- one with virtualization and reliability already built-in, to deploy highly available, yet highly efficient business-critical SCADA/HMI system and Historian databases quickly and easily. One that eliminated OT’s reliance on IT and allowed them to focus on the business of running their plant not their computer system


ztC Edge is the answer! ztC Edge is  that system which versatile , fully integrated , self -protecting, industrial computing platform that helps resources constrained manufacturers increase operational efficiency, reduce IT burden and lower downtime risk.


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Let your worry melt away by witnessing the elimination of unplanned downtime  !




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