Exclusive Interview by Water & Wastewater Asia 2019

February 2, 2020 by Water & Wastewater Asia

Interview session with CTI Resources Director, Mr. Chai Kim Chen exclusively by Water and Wastewater Asia. It was a great opportunity to have them on the Malaysia International Water Convention 2019 ( 1st – 3rd October 2019). A platform to share more on how Unified Command Centre allows water utilities to do more with less.

Unified Command Centre

Everyone acknowledges that each of the water utility sectors facing similar challenges for improving their operational efficiency and achieving the business goal. The business leader knew how important data is received, analyzed and interpret for business growth. Hence, they started to explore and find a way to be efficient and effective.

However, to have overall performance visibility of the entire water network there are few common challenges:

  1. Application silos
  2. Information Exchange
  3. Siloed IT/OT
  4. Availability and utilization of assets

Our director Mr. Chai Kim Chen has shared the ability of unified operations centre to bring multiple business units together.  He also mentioned that UCC empowers the organization with a centralized view to help make informed decisions, fast, bringing end-to-end operational visibility across the facility. This will improve safety, operational efficiency and cost of business.


Water & Wastewater AsiaAVEVA unified command centre it helps to monitors and integrates data. The system can calculate and simulate information over the next six hours based on real-time monitoring and analysis. By these giving operators ample time to make timely decisions based on predicted scenarios.

Rhymes with the slogan Beyond SCADA and Mobility, the dashboard provides reporting and the measurement capability by communicating, monitoring and tracking KPIs. This enables a comparison of performance across multiple plants and departments, the ability to receive alerts on gap conditions, and generate operator logs and shift reports that explain events as performance deviations.

According to Mr. Chai, “AVEVA unified operations centre truly demonstrates how water operators capitalize on digital technologies to transform their business by integrating and visualizing all available data in context be it operations, process, engineering, maintenance and financial data in this digital era.”

Water & Wastewater Asia

Written by Water & Wastewater Asia: https://bit.ly/2HczIXt