FMM Industry 4.0 Conference: Reimagining the Manufacturing Experience


It is an honour for CTI Resources to participate FMM Industry 4.0 Conference 2019; Reimagining The Manufacturing Experience this 26 September 2019 at Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa.  

CTI Resources FMM Industry 4.0 Conference: Reimagining the Manufacturing Experience 

One of the key components in the Fourth Industrial Revolution is Internet of Things (IoT). The implementation of IoT act as an enabler for the cyber-physical systems in today’s manufacturing industry. The cyber-physical systems are responsible in creating integrated communications between the real physical world to the cyber world. Information from real world are firstly converted into digital format that can be further processed and ready for manipulation by various complex business process systems and autonomous decision-making application and for human to make sense out of them. 

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Digital Transformation is becoming a necessity for business operations. Its impact is particularly felt when automation systems and plant assets become a part of the initiatives. For these systems, it is Edge Computing that bridges the gap between sensor-enabled assets and cloud-based analytics. Due to this, it’s important to understand the essential elements for Digital Transformation at the edge and plant, key architectural principles, and how to plan for a successful edge computing implementation.  

Stratus Always-On Infrastructure for IIoT combines continuous availability and virtualization through operational and maintenance visibility can results in the availability increasing, the more downtime can be reduced and increasing in system profitability. Meanwhile Cybersecurity defense your organization against advanced cyberattacks that aren’t commonly detected by traditional security solutions.  

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Advanced technologies make an organization most vulnerable and the impact is invariably devasting. That is unless security solutions are as innovative and robust as the technology itself. Virsec Security Platform (VSP) does more than detecting attacks. It delivers a comprehensive cybersecurity for SCADA, HMI and Operation Technology to heighten industrial defense against sophisticated, seemingly indefensible attacks at near 100% accuracy. Because of its accuracy, VSP can automatically take surgically precise protection actions within milliseconds to terminate rogue processes, disconnect specific rogue users, restore corrupted libraries, or signal network tools like firewalls or WAFs to disable attackers at the network perimeter. Virsec provides full-stack visibility across the entire application surface area and effectively hardens automated industrial processes, control systems, and management interfaces, from the inside to avert substantial damage and mounting losses.  

This informative info will be presented by our Special Industry expert all the way from the US – Mr Saurabh Sharma, Vice President of Business Development to present Cybersecurity: Protecting ICS/CI From Cybertattacks. 

Visit us at Level 15, Booth No: 13, it will be a highly interactive and informational booth highlights the features of Always On: Edge Computing and Cybersecurity: A Global Threat That We Can ControlThrough this programmeyou will be exposed with firsthand experience of implementing industrial IoT application using Sensors and IoT Gateway.  

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