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Great News to All of you

Introducing our new and improved AVEVA Customer FIRST Support App ! This app provides access to valuable technical support tools and resources which including

  1. News Updates
  2. Support Case Management
  3. Product Knowledge Search
  4. Receive push notifications in real time for products alerts

Customer FIRST Benefits App

Stay updated with new software upgrades and releases, upcoming events, training sessions, technical tips and tricks, and more using the Customer FIRST Benefits App on your smartphone or tablet device.

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Customer FIRST Benefits App for iOS and Android

Download the Customer FIRST Benefits App to your iOS or Android device to access the following information:

1.       Business Values and Trends

Make the most of your Customer FIRST membership by accessing latest trends in the support industry, and business value delivered through the program.

2.       Customer FIRST Offerings

See an overview of the various Customer FIRST Programs and learn about new services to optimise your software applications.

3.       Product Roadmap

Plan your software upgrades with the software product roadmap from the Software Info Centre module. Request your upgrade with just a single click.

4.       Customer Success

Read case studies, customer testimonials, and success stories, and watch videos about our global customers.

5.       Tech Tips

Real-time notification of new technical publications helps you avoid common problems and implement best practices into your operations.

6.       Satisfaction

Swipe left or right to provide us with a simple rating of your level of satisfaction with the Customer FIRST Program.

Get Support Anytime, Anywhere with our Customer FIRST Apps