Introducing to you a new addition to #UBioseries, UBio-X Pro 2!

July 16, 2020

UBio-X Pro 2 is the newly improved High-End Face & Fingerprint Recognition that you don’t want to miss. This facial recognition reader comes with new features and the integrated thermal camera that can measure a user’s body temperature.


  • Liveness detection Anti-Spoofing attacks against photos, videos & 3D masks
  • Face recognition up to 3 metre distance
  • Easy face enrolment/registration, can use existing photo or phone camera
  • Measure user’s body temperature and recorded in the server
  • Biometrics Facial, Fingerprint and Card Terminal
  • Capacity up to 20,000 users (facial) and 500,000 users (fingerprint)
  • Capture up to 10,000,000 event logs
  • Web-based access data and monitoring


Find out more about their benefits:

  • Contactless biometrics access control and time attendance solutions
  • Walk-through method facial recognition
  • Can deny access in case of high temperature
  • Can register visitors’ phone number
  • High-speed face and fingerprint matching

It is Contactless, Fast, Convenient authentication. A completely Non-Touch and absolutely Hygienic and Easy-To-Use. Below videos can explain it further with details.

Video 1: UBIO X PRO 2 – VIRDI Contactless Face Recognition System

Video 2: UBIO X PRO 2 Integration with Thermal Camera

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