Condition Management

Solution : Condition Management
Categories : Asset Performance Management
Brand : AVEVA

Reduce Unscheduled Downtime and Shift From Reactive to Proactive Maintenance

Condition Management software provides early failure detection to increase asset availability, reduce costs and avoid unnecessary maintenance and downtime.

Connect Your Control, Safety and Maintenance Team in Real-Time

Condition Management software designed in a unique, intelligent, real-time software solution which collects and analyses real-time diagnostics from all plant production assets. Condition Management designed to improve overall asset performance, manageable the corresponding operations, engineering, and maintenance activities. It provides early failure detection by understanding the condition of an asset with the supports of continuous improvement through an integrated workflow management capability for better decision making.

Condition Management software deals with the complexity of your operations by supporting many devices and assets from different suppliers. The solution also helps organisations move from a reactive to a proactive maintenance environment by predicting and correcting issues before they affect the plant.

In today’s manufacturing environment, companies are constantly striving to meet growing production demands with current equipment and facilities while continuing to reduce costs in order to deliver the maximum return on assets. To accomplish this, organisations must find the optimum balance between availability and utilisation, while fully addressing all of the risks (regulatory, environmental, health and safety) inherent to operating in today’s complex environments.

Integration with Critical Plant Systems
Condition Management software ties condition information together with required actions for critical plant systems and business solutions. In the plant environment, this includes integration with the Control/PLC/SCADA and Safety solutions, where access to key information is provided through the operator console.

Operator visualisation is seamless. Data is presented through the operator interface, where key information such as asset performance trends, maintenance history, and operational specifications are presented to the operator directly on their screen.

Early Failure Detection
By understanding the condition of an asset, Condition Management can help increase asset availability, reduce costs, and avoid unnecessary maintenance and downtime.

This supports continuous improvement through an integrated workflow management capability and provides operations, engineering, and maintenance with easy access to current asset information for better decision making.

Easy Configuration
A simple configuration tool provides the linking mechanism between the Asset Registry and a wide range of plant information sources. It empowers the process engineer to link and configure the monitoring parameters for equipment and measurement points, define the analysis to be applied, and define the required actions/workflow resulting from the analysis.

On one screen, the configurator lists plant floor information points and the plant’s assets, as seen in the asset registry. It offers an intuitive drag and drops wizard-based environment, which facilitates the setup of simple or complex conditions across single or multiple assets and measurement points.

Data Analysis
Condition Management analyses data from multiple disparate assets, systems, and devices to help businesses understand their asset’s contribution to business operations throughout the entire asset lifecycle.

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