Solution : Historian
Categories : Beyond SCADA & Data Analytics
Brand : AVEVA

A high-performance process database that maintains data integrity for rapid retrieval, analysis and reporting of all your operational information. History captures and stores high-fidelity industrial big data, to unlock trapped potential for operational improvements.

Historian is the first, large volume plant data historian to unite a high-speed data acquisition and storage system with a traditional relational database management system, facilitating access to plant data using open database standards. It is a high-performance process database capable of storing the huge volumes of data generated from today’s industrial facilities.Historian combines advanced data storage and compression techniques with an industry-standard query interface to ensure open access to your process, alarm, and event data. It enables faster, more informed decisions while keeping your team fully informed on operational performance.

Business value:

  • A complete and accurate operational history provides a foundation for faster troubleshooting and easier discovery of high value process improvement opportunities.
  • Flexible, scalable implementation options reduce IT costs and accelerate system ROI. High availability and disaster recovery options help ensure business continuity.
  • Comprehensive reporting and data analysis options enable more team members to gain value from your process history and having access to data enhances collaboration.

Historian is the first, large volume data historian to unite a highspeed data acquisition and storage system with traditional database management system. Make smarter decisions with its consolidation of disparate data sources and rapid retrieval of the increasing amount of industrial data.

  • Save Money
  • Power Query
  • Scale Safely
  • Integrate
  • Collect, Validate, Archive
  • Millions of Data Tagss

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