Solution : Intelligence
Categories : Beyond SCADA & Data Analytics
Brand : AVEVA

The power of data in context: transforming industrial data into actionable intelligence. Dashboard, reports, and other tools are only as good as the data they access.

People, processes, and devices – every day they generate masses of time-series and plant-floor transactional data, yet without operational and business context the value of this data is limited. The key to remaining competitive is to unlock this industrial data and quickly transform it into business relevant information that is available across the organization. Intelligence provides the self-service access to actionable intelligence that helps drive sustained performance improvements across your organization.

Intelligence is an enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) solution that automates the extraction, transformation and storage of operational KPIs, metrics and related contextual information across multiple data sources. Delivering user-friendly analytics and dashboardbased monitoring of metrics enables workers and decision makers across the organization to make informed assessments quickly and confidently.

Intelligence reveals hidden information from your plant data sources by assembling and organizing a single information model for easy reporting, analysis, and visualisation.

  • Keep Your Eye on the Ball
  • Synthesize Data from Everywhere
  • Monetise Your Data
  • Cross Industry and Cross Function

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