Manufacturing Execution System

Solution : Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
Categories : Predictive & Optimization
Brand : AVEVA

Efficiently and reliably manage and document the transformation of materials into finished products. Increase plant productivity and secure quality through the digital transformation of the work order and job execution processes. Empower operators with the right information anytime and anywhere, and enforce process and product specifications and capture all manufacturing execution and material flow information for detailed product genealogy and material traceability.

MES Operations offers a complete set of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software functions to efficiently manage production and inventory related operational activities in industrial manufacturing plants. The software allows for a full electronic information and workflow management for manual job execution, as well as data download and execution on automated plant equipment.

Integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) the manufacturing execution system enables short term production management and provides schedule flexibility for the plant. Enforcement of product specifications such as bill of materials (BOM), setup parameters, rules of material flow and job execution sequence ensures consistent quality. Automatic electronic record keeping provides detailed product genealogy and end to end material traceability. Business applications can be updated with work in process (WIP) and inventory status information in real time. Execution history data offers drill down analyses of operational performance and identification of best practices, facilitating the continuous improvement process.

Unique execution and data collection capabilities on automated plant equipment make our integrated manufacturing execution solution the first choice for automated production or fast-moving goods manufacturing. Synchronize human and machine actions dynamically and manage human processes with our sophisticated workflow management capabilities.

  • Production and Inventory Operations Management
  • Performance Management
  • Quality Operations Management
  • Enterprise Integration

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