Model : MX606-3001 (MOX 606 IoNix CPU-01 Module)
Categories : RTU
Brand : MOX

With built incompatibility to the MOX 601 Open Controller and MOX 602 Field Controller families, and with seamless integration to the MOX 603 Modular I/O range, the MOX IoNix Field Controller completes the entire range of Intelligent Automation products designed and manufactured by MOX Products.

The MOX IoNix Field Controller delivers 400MHz processing power for remote area installations or small distributed control solutions.

Cascade any MOX 603 I/O module directly to the backplane for a compact monitoring and control solution. Onboard communication ports provide connectivity to remote I/O, HMI/SCADA systems, and other interface device.

The built-in mix of DI and DO channels are designed to match the requirements of compact project installations. A MOX IoNix Field Control-ler will efficiently communicate and control up to 10 interconnected MOX603 I/O modules fitted to the backplane, and even larger systems can be controlled using MOX603 modules as remote I/O.

Sufficient power must be supplied to the rack base MX603-4001 PSU to power all interconnected I/O modules. An external 24VDC power supply rated to 50W (or higher) is recommended. Redundant systems can be deployed by selecting the MX606-3002-02 controller with dual Ethernet ports.

  • Powerful 400MHz Processor
  • 64MB RAM
  • 128MB Flash Memory for program and data storage
  • Built-in DI, DO Channels
  • High speed 10/100Mbps Ethernet
  • Modular design cascades directly with MOX603 I/O
  • Supports redundancy
  • Integrated and transportable IEC61131 software

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