Pump & Reservoir Optimization

Solution : Pump & Reservoir Optimization
Categories : Water Network Management (Aquis)
Brand : AVEVA

Lower energy costs through pumping schedule optimisation. In pipeline transmission systems, pumping costs often constitute the major portion of the operating costs. In order to minimize pumping costs, Aquis Water Network Management includes an optional Pump and Reservoir Optimization module.

The Aquis Water Network Management Operation Pump and Reservoir Optimization module enables you to define the optimal pumping schedule for a pipeline system for a given period of time while taking the following points into account.

The module uses the Aquis Water Network Management model:

  • Reduces CO2 emissions by 10-15%
  • Reduces electricity consumption by 10-15%
  • Accelerates Return on Investment to less than 2 years

The data may be retrieved from the SCADA system via the real-time data interface, or may be entered manually.

Savings & Other Benefits

Enables low cost commissioning

• Customer satisfaction
• Energy system design
• Instrumentation

• Metering calibration costs
• Pumping costs
• Production costs
• Troubleshooting costs

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