Model : UNIS TNA
Categories : Biometrics (Fingerprint Identification System)
Brand : Virdi

UNIS T&A is a module of UNIS and share a Common Database (USB Dongle Required)

  • Shifts Config
    • 1. Limited to 99 shift
    • 2. Each shift has a starts and end time
    • 3. Define when an employee is late or leaves early
    • 4. Multiple shift can worked on 1 day
    • 5. A shift can have up to 5 breaks per day
    • 6. A shift can commerce on the pervious day (paid on day OUT)
  • Flexible Shift Schedules
  • Monitor Tardiness
  • Calculates Hours Worked by Rate
  • Auto Process Transaction
  • Modify Clockings and Hours
  • Custom Report Layouts
  • Transaction Reports
  • Summary Report (Late, Early Departure, Absenteeism, Break Time)
  • Output to Payroll (Requiries reginal customization)