Water Network Management (Aquis)

Solution : Water Network Management (Aquis)
Brand : AVEVA

The intuitive operating tool for managing your water supply network. Aquis Water Network Management is a hydraulic modelling tool which simulates the flow and pressure in your distribution network.

Aquis Water Network Management uses realtime data to analyse and track the current situation, enabling operators to make better and smarter decisions to optimise production and enhance economic performance.

Aquis Water Network Management integrates easily and cost-effectively with any set of open applications and is supported by AVEVA’s extensive knowledge and experience in Water Network Management. To help you maintain the desired water quality, Aquis Water Network Management tracks the water through its entire network and gives you an at-a-glance overview of the chemical composition, age, taste and odour.

Real-time SCADA data transforms the Aquis Water Network Management model from a static planning tool into a dynamic decision-making tool, integrated into your day-to-day operation and with instant, clearly identified benefits and economic advantages. When Real-time data from the SCADA system is fed into the Aquis Water Network Management model. It’s possible to combine this with weather forecast data. This lets you predict future consumption – even during periods of changeable or extreme weather conditions.

Water Quality Monitoring
Receive early warning on pollution or bad water quality cases to reduce health-threatening events.

Easy To Use
No in-depth hydraulic knowledge needed.

Critical Event Response
Identify the impact of unexpected events and act on them in minutes.

What-If Scenarios
See operation and maintenance impacts in real-time, making it easier to choose the best option for a smooth and reduced risk operation.

Augmented Reality
Uses virtual sensors and network-wide monitoring to reach where traditional SCADA can’t.

Integrate With Third-Party SCADA Systems
Builds on your existing data and IT. Adds new functionalities to your SCADA, GIS, hydraulic models, and other applications.

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