Water Quality

Solution : Water Quality
Categories : Water Network Management (Aquis)
Brand : AVEVA

The Aquis Water Quality Module gives you a full overview of the chemical composition in every part of the water network in order to preserve the right water quality. You can follow and track the water throughout the network and be informed about the composition at every node.

The Aquis Water Quality Module uses live data from online water analysis as the basis for predicting and analyzing the spread and origin of pollutants or additives, such as disinfectants, in the water distribution network.

New technology within online water quality analysis is rapidly evolving. There is an ever-increasing focus on providing drinking water of the highest quality, as well as avoiding the costly effects of pollution. These effects can include the cost for analysis, cleaning, consultancy and provision of alternative water sources. They can also have a direct impact on consumers. Rapid reaction and real-time information can mitigate consumer safety issues, such as compromised water quality.

The new functionality within the Aquis Water Quality Module allows the water utility to react quickly and correctly based on real-time information — and provides consumers and other stakeholders with current and accurate information.

Using Online Quality Analysis: Data is transmitted from the online analyzer to Aquis using an existing SCADA system. As can be seen in the screenshot on the following page, the analyzer dashboard shows the status of each instrument. By clicking on the specific analyzer, you can see the e-coli level, or any other parameter being measured, as well as the historical data in comparison to the
threshold value.

Prediction of Spread of a Pollutant: Once the analyzer exceeds an alarm, you are able to track the spread of the water from that point further into the distribution network. This allows you to quickly see who will be affected. The Aquis Water Quality Module takes into account that the analysis has a certain delay time and includes this when calculating the spreading of the pollutant. By drawing a line around the infected area, Aquis advises which consumers are affected. It even allows the operator to submit text messages to the affected consumers, advising them to boil the water, to avoid customer safety issues.

Limiting the Spread of a Pollutant: Aquis also has the ability to advise which valves have to be closed to section off a specific area or zone, enabling the operator to react quickly in their pursuit of reducing the spread of the contaminant in the network.

Identification of the Source of the Pollution: Aquis can analyze where the water at the measuring point comes from. This can be from one or several sources.

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