Wireless I/O Gateway ARR600

Model : Artic, R-Series
Categories : Wireless I/O Gateway
Brand : ABB

Wireless I/O Gateway ARR600 provides wireless monitoring and control of field devices via a cellular network from a central site or control centre. The devices offer industrial quality connectivity for the IEC 60870 and Modbus based protocols. Field applications can be connected and controlled via built-in digital and analogue I/O’s. Wireless I/O Gateway ARR600 exhibits integrated communication capability and seamless integration to SCADA systems.

  1. Artic RTU (LTE, IO-1)
  2. Artic RTU (LTE, IO-2)

Wireless I/O Gateway ARR600 is a member of ABB’s Arctic product family and part of its 600 Wireless Gateway product series.

The Wireless I/O ARR600 includes integrated digital and analog inputs and outputs. Remote applications, such as overhead sectionalizers, can be connected and controlled via the ARR600. The gateway also serves as a generic I/O interface – for example substation alarms or temperature measurements can be transmitted to a central monitoring system. ARR600 gateways also include the functionality of ARG600 and ARP600 gateways.

Wireless I/O Gateway ARR600 can be utilized for various industrial and utility applications to maximize the following benefits:

  • Built-in I/O capability enables remote monitoring and control of switching devices
  • Integrated protocol conversion – enables connecting legacy serial-based devices into a TCP/IP-based supervisory control system (SCADA)
  • Ideal for retrofitting – allows the user to extend the life cycle of existing serial-based substation devices thanks to the integrated protocol converter
  • Remote access to field devices means less site visits for operations and maintenance
  • Industrial grade TCP/IP router: Several serial and TCP/IP based field devices can be integrated into a central supervisory and control system (SCADA)
  • Optimizing the cost of communication by using public cellular networks
  • Digital I/O and analog input interfaces
  • Support for multiple communication protocols for controlling of I/O ports
  • Protocol converter for multiple communication protocols
  • Enables always-on TCP/IP routing and serial over TCP/IP based two-way communication
  • Arctic Patrol – connectivity supervision of the communication
  • Secure communication maintained with VPN and Firewall
  • All functionality from ARG600 and ARP600 (excluding dual SIM variants)

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