ztC Edge

Solution : ztC Edge Computing
Categories : Edge Computing & Fault Tolerance Server
Brand : Stratus
Consider ztC Edge – a zero-touch, reliable, secure, highly automated computing platform which is specifically designed for industrial edge environments. It can be used in under 30 minutes and instantly improve the reliability of your SCADA environment and reduce unplanned downtime. ztC Edge helps you deliver industrialized IoT and control applications smarter, faster, smooth, easy and reliable.

With Stratus ztC Edge, you can quickly incorporate highly reliable, and easily maintainable computing systems, into your machinery and equipment. Easily differentiate your solutions, from other machine and equipment builders. Rely on Stratus’s expertise in reliable, manageable computing systems to make your equipment and people more productive, and focus your time and effort on extending your equipment’s core capabilities.

Designed specifically for OT environments, ztC Edge is a versatile, fully integrated, self-protecting, industrial computing platform that helps machine builders increase efficiency, reduce IT burden, and lower downtime risk. A pair of rugged nodes, with integrated redundancy, built-in virtualization, automated recovery, and cloud-based system health management services, ztC Edge delivers virtualized industrial IoT and control applications quickly and reliably. ztC Edge is easy to integrate, easy to manage, and easy to service. Accelerate time to market, while lowering costs at every stage of your product’s lifecycle—from design, development, delivery, operation, and support—by using Stratus ztC Edge for your machine’s computing needs.

Stratus ztC Edge systems include many built-in and automated capabilities, designed to save you time and effort, and eliminate the need for specialized computer skills.

• Built-in virtualization: ztC Edge ships with a built-in virtualization platform called Stratus Redundant Linux. Based on the open source KVM project, it can run up to 4 separate Windows or Linux virtual machines, each with different industrial control or IoT applications. A management tool, ztC Console, makes it easy for you to set up, configure and manage virtual machines.

• Automated protection: ztC Edge is comprised of redundant nodes that act as a single system. With workload migration, data replication, and redundant networking, it instantly protects applications and data. The system can proactively move virtual machines from one node to the other, to ensure application continuity. If it detects a networking or disk failure on one node, it automatically re-routes traffic or uses data on the other node, without any operator intervention.

• Automated recovery: Stratus ztC Edge nodes can be separated, as long as there is a direct network connection between them. Applications that are running in one location can resume in another, with minimal interruption of service, and without operator intervention, providing local area disaster recovery.

• Rugged, hot-swappable nodes: Designed for harsh, industrial environmental conditions, ztC Edge performs equally well on the plant floor, or in a machine cabinet. Its fanless, solid-state design is durable, and operational in temperatures ranging from –40 to +60 degrees Celsius, and non-condensing humidity between 10 to 95%. The compact system can be wall or DIN rail mounted and can withstand vibration to 3 Grms.

• System health monitoring and management: Available with ztC Edge are optional system health monitoring and management services, that can be coordinated with your support team, to create a seamless experience for your customers. ztC Edge can be configured to continually monitor and send system-generated logs to Stratus over a secure network. Stratus engineers, in turn, can analyze these logs, triage alerts, predict failures before they occur, and address potential issues before they become more serious problems.

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