SCADA & Beyond SCADA Service & Support

Engineering Services

CTI Resources has the experience and resources to design your automation and control system tailored to your specific operation with a focus on flexibility, efficiency and practicality. We have our experienced professional engineers who expert in the related industry especially in Water & Wastewater and other General Industries. It comes to designing a complex process control systems on SCADA software system, RTU / PLC Programming, Telemetry & Communication to a complete control system and support services. A key consideration of us is to maximise our clients’ performance and quality of control systems in their operations. We develop system and solutions that look at the whole picture to give our clients total visibility which to take advantage of the cutting edge Industry 4.0 in the coming years.


Our start-to-finish project expertise includes design, development, implementation, support, testing, and training on our core services solutions such as SCADA & Beyond SCADA, Asset Performance Management, Cybersecurity, Edge Computing & Fault Tolerance Server and etc. Thus, in the coming of Revolution Industry 4.0, our objective is to transform our clients business process and people with operations consulting software and process control design to SMART manufacturing technology.
As there is no one size fits all solution in moving toward Industry 4.0 as it depends on each company. Therefore, CTI Resources is ready as a consultant to lead our clients to a production or manufacturing based digital transformation driven by connected technologies. It will ease businesses to monitor real-time progress and most importantly to ensure a long run business sustainability. We come in as every business needs to constantly as a part of their upgrading progress.


CTI Resources training is held frequently for all user-level who will find the training interest in the fundamental and latest application of our solution with practical up to date information. Our workshop is conducted by a certified trainer and covers CitectSCADA, System Platform, ITME, Biometric Fingerprint Identification System and etc. We see training as a very important and indispensable part with a combination of lecture, hands-on training and general concepts of the applications. Do visit our Training Schedule to know more, if you need any further information, feel free to contact us!


At CTI Resources, we are committed to serving clients throughout the process lifecycle even during commissioning and maintenance service. Our maintenance support is an ongoing process with the best practice of risk management plan. We commit to offer effective plans for maintenance that utilize both predictive and proactive approaches to solve critical problems.

Our support service is designed to meet the needs of the immediate issues to keep the operating running at the highest level of efficiency. Our work of scope covers the areas of troubleshooting, diagnostics, repair system in short term and more. We also provide 24/7 maintenance contract support service provided in a required level of resources and responsive to keep our client’s facility up and running. On top of that, we customized maintenance service contract that includes supports and services as per request and requirement of the client. If there is anything you required, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Technical Support

Our technical support is staffed by highly experienced and motivated engineers` that well versed with a site survey, troubleshooting, testing, programming, and integration for a wide variety of our software solutions. The site survey usually involves a site visit to observe and determine the installation of location, building floor plans, visual inspection of the facility and usage of site survey tools.


Maintenance and Support

At CTI Resources Sdn Bhd, we pride ourselves with the services and support that we provide to our clients. We can cover a range of support, such as the provision of phone support, TeamViewer and on- site troubleshoot, due to the availability of in- house technicians based in Shah Alam. On top of that, maintenance and services that we provide include the repair and replacement of faulty terminals, software and hardware maintenance, supporting customised Time Management Software, housekeeping of old files and many others. With that being said, we have customised maintenance contracts that include various support and services as per requirement and requests of the client.

Integration/ Customisation

We understand our clients range from different SMEs to multinational companies, that uses various time and attendance software as well as the database. With our experienced in- house technicians, we can integrate with the most time and attendance software and have been working with a huge range of software houses in the market. We have also carried out numerous customisations in the past, to suit the specific needs and requests of clients, such as Logistic Management, Vendor Management, WorkForce Optimisation, Staff Force Optimisation and Property Management, just to name a few. Apart from that, the popular ones are Time and Attendance, Access Control, Visitor Management, Car Park Access, Guard Patrolling and Meal Management. Hence, if there is anything you have in your mind, we would love to hear your thoughts!


If you need any advice, feel free to contact us! We will be more than happy to visit you at your office to hear you out on your requirements as well as to share our advice on how we can address the situation. It is always better for us to visit the physical location, mainly to do a brief site inspection as well as to conduct a Proof of Concept with our demonstration set. If required, our technicians can also conduct a site inspection for further advice.

Sales FAQs

1) Why should I use a fingerprint reader?

To save time on data entry, prevent buddy punching and cost- saving as it is all on your fingertips!

2) I always have difficulties getting my fingerprint read. How would I know if it works for this fingerprint reader?

We can do a demonstration as well as a proof of concept! Feel free to contact us at 03- 5191 7818.

3) Why should I use VIRDI fingerprint reader?

We are patented with live and fake fingerprint detection technology.

4) Why should I use UNIS fingerprint software?

Apart from Time and Attendance, we can cater to various applications such as Access Control, Visitor Management, Mobile Key, Car Park Access and Meal Management.

5) What if I would like to have a customised application?

Our software engineers have created different customised applications in the past; so yes, we would be delighted to hear your thoughts!

6) Do you have an Anti- Pass back application?

Yes, we do!

7) How long would the warranty period be for the fingerprint reader?

There is a one-year warranty for the fingerprint reader, while the sensor has a 10-year warranty!

8) If the environment of my company is dusty, will the fingerprint reader still work?

Yes, most of our fingerprint readers are at IP 65; which means they are dust and water-resistant.

9) What if one of my factories is in a very isolated environment with not internet connection? How do I retrieve the data?

We have a USB Data Download, that can be plugged in the reader to retrieve the data. Once you are back in the office, your USB can then be plugged into your desktop and you will be able to go through the data.

10) What if I would like to bring the fingerprint reader for events or construction sites?

Yes, that is possible; the fingerprint reader can be installed with a handle and a box which makes it portable!

Technical FAQs

1) How do I get the raw data from the fingerprint reader?

If you have the UNIS software downloaded as a client into your desktop, you can view the data real time.

2) Can I still use the fingerprint reader when a power failure occurs?

Yes, you can. There is a battery in a UPS box that lasts the fingerprint reader for 12 hours if used for a Time and Attendance application.

3) What happens to my data during a power failure?

There is a memory chip in our fingerprint reader that can store the data. Once the power is back on, the data will immediately be sent to your server.

4) Apart from fingerprint, can I use the reader concurrently with access cards?

Yes, you can, either with RF card or Mifare Card.

5) Can I use more than one different type of VIRDI fingerprint reader in my company?

Yes, feel free to mix and match!

6) Can I use the fingerprint reader at different locations and connect them all to a centralised server in the HQ?

Yes, that works as well, provided there is a fixed IP address at the HQ.

7) How often do I need to enrol my staff?

It will just be a one-time enrolment!

8) Can your software cater to administrations rights? For example, only a certain manager is allowed to add or edit the profile of a staff.

Yes, we can do that!

9) How do I enrol my staff?

You can either use a Fingerprint Enrolment Unit to connect to your desktop and conduct the enrolment through the comfort of your desktop, or you can just enrol the staff yourself or administer someone else to enrol directly by the reader!

10) What if the maximum number of logs have been reached in the fingerprint reader?

The first log in the reader will be displaced when the maximum number of logs have been reached. For an example in AC- 2100 plus, the maximum number of logs is 100,000. When the 100,001th log is reached, the 1st log in the reader will automatically be displaced.


1) What are the various summary reports that can be produced?

Late report, early departure report, absenteeism report and break time report.

2) Can I have multiple shifts in a day?

Yes, we can cater to multiple shifts in a day.

3) Can you cater up to a 24-hour work shift?

Yes, we can create a customisation for you.

4) Can I check if a staff Overtime through the software?

Yes, if there is a start and end time fixed for the staff, you can check if a staff Overtime.

5) Can you create an auto- rotation in shift work through the software?

Yes, we can create a customisation for that.

6) Does the software calculate for me the working hours of a staff?

Yes, it does.

7) Can multiple break times be set for a shift?

Yes, a shift can have up to 5 breaks per day.

8) If needed, can I modify the hours and clocking of a staff?

Yes, you can.

9) Will the raw data from the fingerprint reader be automatically processed in the software?

Yes, you can immediately search for the data required in the software.

10) Can I have a customised pay rate based on their type of shift work?

Yes, we can have it customised for you.