Smart Manufacturing Market has evolved rapidly in recent years. A new data platform and a new approach to management and analysis are key drivers of this change. The changes are empowering manufacturers to transform their businesses and achieve significant value by leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), cloud, and analytics solutions. Together with our strategic Technological Partner, we work with manufacturers to enable improvements across the asset and operations lifecycle, maximize return on capital investments, and increase profitability with our Unified Platform consists of Discrete Lean Management, Beyond SCADA, Data Analytics, Asset Performance Management, Cybersecurity and Edge Computing.

Beyond SCADA


Data Analytics


Workflow Management




Edge Computing



A Unified Platform for Manufacturing Performance Management

Ever wondered what could help your entire team reflect, discuss, and decide on the best way forward, given the disparate information used by each team member as part of their decision-making process? How long does it take for the team to align on their perception of the situation if individuals formed differing views due to disjointed information from siloed systems?

Fast track your team’s decision-making process by giving them a centralized view through the Unified Operations Center (UOC). The UOC is based on a “System of Systems” approach and allows plug-in and integrated apps, analytics (e.g. Advanced Energy Monitoring Solution), CCTV videos, GIS maps, ERP systems, Engineering P&ID diagrams, and more to be added into a cohesive view for a common understanding of the situation. Out-of-the-box industry solution templates, reports, dashboards, and operational KPIs unify your functional teams, departments, and sites under one platform to enable faster time-to-value.

Operational measures such as yield, throughput, utilization, energy consumption, machine downtime, etc. can be calculated from the plant level down to the asset level. It further enables meaningful comparison of performance across multiple sites and departments, and the ability to define and receive alerts on gap conditions. This information could be a trigger for an in-depth investigation by the team.

Integrated Application Modules for Enterprise Collaboration
UOC provides an enhanced layer of intelligence ensuring that an organization’s data works in service to organizational goals. UOC is offering consists of tightly coupled modules.

  • Beyond SCADA
  • Data Analytics
  • Asset Performance Management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Workflow Management
  • Edge Computing


Out-of-Box System to Digitalize Lean Practices and Increase Operational Effectiveness

Discrete Manufacturing plants tend to spend too much time on non-value added data handling in the form of paperwork. A machine operator who must log irregularities by filing case tickets is distracted from the task of operating the machine with high efficiency and quality. As a result, production efficiency and quality are affected, and the data provided is questionable in terms of consistency and accuracy. On the other end, a Production Manager has to wait for data from the shop floor to be compiled, consolidated, and interpreted before gaining access to that data. This risks decision-making based on incomplete or outdated data, potentially resulting in a disastrous outcome.

The Discrete Lean Management (DLM) system comprises a set of digitalized lean tools to support

  • Work Order Management and Execution,
  • Digitized work instructions,
  • Production issues notification and logging via ANDON principles
  • Real-time data acquisition for visualization of equipment utilization, performance & production progress, and
  • Performance analysis.

DLM is designed to be lightweight, scalable, and quick to deploy. Best practice templates for forms, dashboards, and reports eliminate lengthy consulting efforts – enabling your organization to quickly realize up to two times the cost reductions of implementing a traditional Lean initiative alone.

DLM has proven capability to handle big amount of data originated by a large number of lines, clients and running operations while displaying dashboards and generating reports. It supports interoperability with multitude of communication drivers, OPCs and Modbus – minimizing the need for communication gateways and eases troubleshooting of communication troubles.

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