Date: Thursday, August 13, 2020
Time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM SGT
Duration: One hour

What will the ‘New Normal’ look like? What lies ahead to shape the brave next normal?  It is time to think constructively about the future of the Manufacturing sector, considering the lesson of the past.

To prepare for the new normal, manufacturers must leverage digital capabilities, and build on the flexibility and productivity of people and machines to build resilience to adapt to the current challenges. What will be your key to survival and long-term prosperity?

The time for organizations to act and to implement digital is now. This series of five live webinars will provide insights on how manufacturers globally transition to an agile operating model  and scale the potential of the production plant in this current environment.

Join us for the first live webinar on “Embracing the Brave New Normal in the Smart Manufacturing” 13th August 2020, featuring key speakers from the Federation of Manufacturers Malaysia (FMM) and AVEVA, the global leader in industrial software driving digital transformation across the manufacturing industry.


Mr. Jacob Lee

Chairman of the FMM Ind 4.0 Committee

“In the next normal, manufacturers are facing new challenges as they look to restart during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. What are the challenges have companies in different industries and regions encountered over the past few months?”

Join Mr. Jacob Lee, Chairman of the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) Ind 4.0 committee, shares his thoughts on how today manufacturing needs to embrace the challenges, be resilient, and agile enough to weather the storm and grow during the next new normal.


Mr. Ajit Kulkarni

Head of Technical Sales,  APAC, AVEVA

“COVID-19 is spurring the rapid technology adoption, and it leads us to rethink where and how we work. How can we embrace the power of technology for a clearer sky beyond a new normal?”

Mr. Ajit Kulkarni will be sharing how Digital Technology will be powerful approaches for recovery and how it plays a major role in shaping the next normal.


Mr. Chai Kim Chen

Director, CTI Resources Sdn Bhd

“The time of disruption is also a time of new opportunity. It is now for manufacturers to restrategize and reform in building their enterprise resilience framework.”

Mr. Chai Kim Chen will be sharing his thoughts on how to reframe your next new normal future with a new and transformative lens and get ready for any next disruption.


Mr. Yong Chun Jiat

Member for FMM Ind 4 Committee