Why are more companies using
a Fingerprint Management System?

Post on january 10, 2019

Fingerprint management system malaysia

Disadvantages of traditional time attendance and door access system

In the past, companies have adopted the use of PIN number door access, punch cards as well as access cards. Their main purpose was to track the time attendance of staff or to control the security access into a building. However, this potentially led to many disadvantages. For PIN number door access, this led to password leakage, forgotten password or the sharing of password. With punch cards and access cards, there could be the cost of lost or damage cards, sharing of cards and employees that forgot to bring their cards to work.

Advantages of using a Fingerprint Management System:

1. Time saving

Hence, more companies have been transitioning to the use of Fingerprint Management System. This reduces the time needed on data entry (especially from a physical copy of a punch card), which in turn increases the efficiency of running reports. With the absence of data entry, there is no need for the collection of punch cards too.

2. Cost saving

From time to time, companies need to maintain the lost or damaged punch cards and access cards. With a Fingerprint Management System, there is no need for the maintenance or replacement of cards.

3. Improve Workforce Productivity

With the sharing of cards or passwords, buddy punching may occur. This could lead to the occurrence of phantom staff as well as unnecessary overtime. Hence, a Fingerprint Management System enables a better way of tracking and monitoring of staff.

4. Convenience and Safety

Unless you lose your finger, everything is at your fingertips! Hence, there are no excuses for forgotten or lost of cards or pin codes.

5. Integrated Software Solution

With ViRDI Fingerprint Management System, it can be integrated with most Time Management Systems that produces staff reporting. From there, the data can then be input into the company’s Payroll System. This makes viewing the time attendance of staff very convenient, all from the comfort of your desktop. Additionally, this includes the tracking of staff or visitors time as well as location, when implemented with door access.