Integrated SCADA System for Operator Empowerment & Engineering Efficiency

At CTI Resources, we understand the critical in maintaining efficiency, minimize downtime, communicate issues, and provide real-time data for smarter business decision. Over 20 years in delivering successful SCADA Systems, we have extensive experience in designing and implementing systems with components from multiple sources. We use industry-standard open protocols, not limited to Modbus RTU/Modbus TCP, OPC DA/OPC UA, DNP3, Ethernet TCP/IP, Profibus PA/ Profibus DP/Profinet, ODBC and others protocol drivers to other hardware available in the market 

Our system designs are compatible with most of the web browsers and mobile devices. It’s this high level of versatility that makes our turnkey solutions possible. With dedicated streamlined functionalities and connectivity to complementary the hardware and software offerings, our Scada System able to delivers on the promise of a powerful, intuitive real-time monitoring solution. As a result, you can take back control of your operations, and harness the value of the process data, increase engineering efficiencies, and simplify your Digital Transformations journey.  

Our complete range of services included computer systems, control systems, database, software licenses, software programming, and engineering design. With our system designed with flexibility and scalability, it is widely used in Power & Utilities ranging from the Water & Waste Water, Gas Pipeline Sector; Infrastructure such as Airports; General Manufacturing. We have a long decade history of serving our customers with an impeccable track record. We understand the challenges, including the difficulty in procuring the resources and help you need.  

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Integrated Communication Needs

CTI Resources is the Telemetry & Communication expertise combined with our over 20 years of automation and control system integration experiences. Our proven track record solution widely used in multiple industries, including Water & Wastewater, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Utilities, and Manufacturing Sector. Today Smart Manufacturing sector needs equipment that is capable of delivering the highest yield of output with the lowest production costsCommunication has become one of the elements in Industrial automation processes worldwide with the growth in industrial computing driven by the need to improve productivity and to stay competitive in the changing market of Industry 4.0.

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CTI has a team of specialist in PLC & RTU control panel design, programming, commissioning and support. We have experience across a broad industry and able to evaluate your application to determine which PLC / RTU provide the best overall solutions. Our approach also reduces the costs associated with future support and expansion with high level of advanced technologies and redundancy for mission-critical applications.  

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