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MITI Industry4wrd Readiness Assessment

National Policy on Industry 4.0 (Industry4WRD) is a proactive measure undertaken by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) to transform the Malaysian manufacturing industry and its related services to be smarter, more systematic, and resilient.

One of the important steps before embarking in the Industry 4.0 journey is to get each company to undergone the Industry4wrd Readiness Assessment (RA). It is a comprehensive program to help you to assess your capabilities and readiness to adopt Industry 4.0 technologies and processes by using a pre-determined set of indicators to understand your present capabilities and gaps.

Industry4WRD Process Flow

Phase 1

Apply Online Registration
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Evaluation by Industry4wrd Committee

On-site Assessment

Received RA Report

Phase 2

Receive outcome report from Industry4wrd Assessing Body

Develop Intervention Proposal based on input from RA Report

Apply for Financial Incentives

Evaluation by Committees

Approval Granted

Implementation & Monitoring
Phase 1

Industry4wrd Readiness Assessment Application

What is this?

Trained assessors will help you to understand your readiness for Industry 4.0 and make recommendations on where to start your transformation

Who is Eligible?

Manufacturing and its related services sector

Valid registration and business licences

Company has at least 60% local equity

In operation for more than 3 years

What are the benefits?

★ Identify areas of improvement in terms of people, process and technology.

★ Receive a comprehensive readiness report.

★ Be entitled to apply for financial incentives.

General Assessment Criteria

Shift factor:

Focuses on the people and the entire organisation by emphasising on strategies towards having a suitable set of workforce. This can be achieved through the development of the required human capital and sustainable transformation activites with regards to organisational strategies, collaborations and governance.

Shift factor:

Focuses on the management system involved in running business operations, supply chain and product lifecycle, by emphasising on smart and strategic public private partnerships, security, sustainability and product co-creation.

Shift factor: TECHNOLOGY

Focuses on the application of intelligent, connected and automated technologies, measured at three different layers of the business: shop floor, facilities and enterpriese.

Receive comprehensive Industry4wrd Readiness Report (RA)



Incentives for Industry4wrd
Readiness Assessment (RA) Program

Government-funded assessment for eligible SMEs

Non-SME qualified to get Tax Exemption on Industry4wrd Readiness (RA) fee up to RM27k

Phase 2

Industry4wrd Government Grants

Industry4wrd Intervention Fund

  • The Industry4wrd Intervention Fund is a financial support facility for Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the manufacturing and related services sectors to embrace Industry 4.0.
  • The Fund is provided to support companies in implementing intervention projects based on the recommendation of Industry4wrd Readiness Assessment (RA) Report on the shift factors of people, process and technology.
  • The application of this fund will be evaluated by MIDA.
    70 -30 matching grant for SMEs to implement intervention strategies upon completion of Readiness Assessment

Industry4WRD DISF & Domestic Investment Strategic Fund (DISF)

Industry4WRD DISF

  • Introduced in Budget 2019
  • Objective is to assist companies that have undergone the Industry4WRD Readiness Assessment (RA) programme to migrate into Industry 4.0
  • Eligible only to companies that have undergone the Industry4WRD Readiness Assessment (RA) programme with Malaysian equity ownership of at least 60%
  • Effective date of application is from the date of approval of Industry 4WRD RA Report (MPC’s letter) until 31 December 2021

Domestic Investment Strategic Fund (DISF)

  • Introduced in Budget 2012
  • Objective is to accelerate the shift of Malaysian-owned companies in targeted industries to higher value added, high technology, knowledge intensive and innovation-based industries
  • Eligible to all companies with Malaysian equity ownership of at least 60%
  • Effective date of applicationi s from 3 July 2012 until 31 December 2020

* Both funds are evaluated by MIDA