Limited Promotion to Upgrade Your Software

Customer FIRST

 Retain the Maximum Benefit from Your Software Investment 

Why Customer FIRST?

Customer FIRST is the foundation of your service and support relationship with Schneider Electric  and your local Wonderware distributor. It provides continuous software maintenance and convenient access to highly skilled resources to remedy any technical issue that you experience as you install, fine-tune, and upgrade your Wonderware   software.

Additionally, a Customer FIRST agreement provides an assortment of service entitlements designed to maintain and optimize the performance of your Wonderware software through its entire lifecycle.


Limited Promotion! 

Option 1: Sign up for multiple years (minimum two years) CF contract and receive a 100% discount on the “Get Current” Fees/ Waive reinstatement.

Option  2:  Get Premium level support at the price of Standard level. (Only for Japan, Korea, India and ASEAN Region).

Option  3: Sign up for 24 months CF agreement and get 36 months of support of software maintenance.
*all promotion options are Terms & Conditions apply.

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