Discrete Lean Management

Solution : Discrete Lean Management
Brand : AVEVA

A suite of easy to use, configurable tools for the digitalization of Lean and Operational Excellence practices. A method to systematically if not eliminate, reduce waste of a manufacturing system without causing additional losses.


It is a digital operation management tool that enables paperless operations, performance visualisation & evaluation, rapid response to production issues. For discrete manufacturing environment, to increase operational efficiency as well as a standard solution with out of the box contents, configure to fit into different plant set ups.

There are 4 modules, running on Edge HMI:

  • ANDON – Production issues notification, triggering fast response to prevent / reduce downtime
  • Performance – Capture production and utilization data for performance evaluation and analysis
  • Work Instruction – Paperless product work instruction
  • Work Order Management – Centralized production work order management and auto allocation, line based work order execution

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Eric Jane

Key Features:

  • Prevent and/or reduce downtime in lean manufacturing.
  • Report, acknowledge and normalize issues; Escalation rules based on custom configuration.
  • Remote notification via SMTP Server (Email and Text Messages)
  • Dashboard of current status (Line, Area and Plant level); history dashboards for traceability and operational management.

Key Features:

  • Production Tracking: Capture production data on production lines.
  • Automatic data collection on auto lines: Several TCP protocols including MODBUS.
  • KPIs: Provide dashboard for different KPIs by location (Plant, Area and Line level), interval (Hour, Day and Month) and product:
    • Efficiency: OEE and OLE.
    • Quality: MDR.
    • Barriers: Downtime and Quality issues deployment.
    • Maintenance: MTBF and MTTR.
    • Operators: Operators tracking.

Key Features: 

  • Display Working Instructions to the operators based on the product that they are manufacturing at any time (text instructions, PDF documents, PNG drawings, and/or mp4 videos).
  • Working Instructions Steps are based on Line/Workstation and product reference relationship.
  • Customized number of steps per workstation.

Key Features:

  • Work Order Management: Allocate orders to line minimizing change over based on priority, capacity and line performance (OEE/OLE).
  • Work Order Execution: Interface to execute work order and collect work order data.
  • Full Order traceability: Change Allocation, Change Priority, Suspended, Released, Hold, Closed, etc.
  • Data Exchange with ERP: Optional order release and order confirmation data exchange with ERP system.