Model : MX602-24
Categories : RTU
Brand : MOX

With the correct choice of communications architecture and protocol, such as DNP3 or IEC60870, the MOX Unity will work hand in hand with your SCADA software to successfully capture, analyze and manage greater volumes of field data.

A typical MOX Unity station consists of the Controller fitted with user-selected onboard I/O modules. Onboard UPS (with external battery), GSM/GPRS and Video Capture modules are also available. Additional external I/O can easily be added to the Unity by using MX603 I/O modules in either standalone or remote rack format.

Redundant systems can be deployed by selecting MOX Unity controllers that have multiple Ethernet ports on each.


  • Water and Waste Water Distribution
  • Oil & Gas Distribution
  • Building Automation
  • Electricity Transmission
  • Electricity Distribution
  • Transport
  • Mobile Machine Control
  • Modularity with your choice of onboard I/O
  • Open and Transportable IEC 61131-3 Control Software
  • True Redundancy supported at multiple levels
  • Expandable with up to three Ethernet, four RS485 ports and two RS232 ports
  • Supports Modbus, DNP3.0 and IEC60870-5-101/4
  • Integrated diagnostics
  • Standard Modbus and TCP/IP Communications
  • Powerful 400HMz processor
  • GPRS option
  • 64MB of DDR RAM with 128MB of Flash
  • Certified as non-sparking for use in explosive atmospheres to IECEx nA II T4

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