MX603 Modular I/O

Model : MX603 Modular I/O
Categories : RTU
Brand : MOX

The MOX 603 Modular I/O System offers one of the most industry capable I/O Systems available today. Designed around current needs and future desires, it will meet almost every user’s particular needs.

The wide range of I/O modules includes discrete, analog, and special purpose modules. Each one offers comprehensive configuration options. Designed as intelligent microprocessor based devices, allows them to manage their own communications parameters, error conditions and user options. This inbuilt intelligence allows the modules to be installed in stand-alone mode or multi-module rack based configurations.

  • Intelligent Microprocessor Based Platform
  • Open Systems Architecture
  • True Redundancy built in at every level
  • Immediate Integration with MOX controllers
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range
  • User Configurable, Module Specific Options
  • Short Circuit and Open Wire Detection on some Modules
  • Automatic Fault Detection and Shutdown

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